Episode 10: True Crime & Cults

Episode 10: True Crime & Cults

Kristin's Case:

Kristin explore the Ant Hill Kids cult in this insane episode. This cult was led by Roch Theriault who was charismatic and intelligent, but also absolutely insane and abusive towards his followers. He told his followers that the apocalypse would happen soon, which prompted them to run off into the woods, so they could be saved. While out in the wilderness, Roch unleashed his insane behavior, which cost several followers their lives, including his own child. Roch was finally arrested and sentenced to life in prison. While in prison, he was shanked by a fellow inmate and died, and, after listening to our episode, you’ll see how well deserved this ending for him.

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Amy's Case:

This week Amy explores the hell that was Tony Alamo, his wife Susan Alamo, and their apocalyptic cult, The Alamo Christian Foundation. What could possibly go wrong when a charismatic leader and their money hungry spouse start to prey on young hippies? Well, this episode has those answers! Join us as we talk about some creepy culty events like, raising the dead, child sweat shops, bedazzled pop culture jackets, tax evasion, and so much more. This cult has it all.

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