Episode 11: UK True Crime

Episode 11: UK True Crime

In this episode, we hop across the pond and explore some UK true crime that you may never heard of, so buckle up buttercup! We’re about to experience some turbulence, baby!

Kristin's Case:

Kristin explores what happens when someone you should trust the most, a doctor, goes rogue. She explores the case of a doctor turned serial killer named Harold Shipman. Shipman killed a whopping 215 patients. You’ll find out how in this insane episode.

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Amy's Case:

This week Amy talks about one of the UKs most dangerous murderers and serial killers, the Bus Stop Stalker, Levi Bellfield. This blonde hating sorry excuse of a human being has attacked countless women on the streets of London and surrounding neighborhoods with hammers, cars, and other objects. Join us this week as we head across the pond to talk true crime in the UK. 

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