Episode 13: Killer Kids

Episode 13: Killer Kids

Amy's Case:

Amy talks about the case of Mary Bell, an 11 year old budding serial killer who murdered two small boys in the town of Newcastle on Tyne, England. She was born into a world that did not want her and prostituted to her mother’s clients for most of her childhood. Mary acted out aggressively and snuffed out two lives in the process. She would go off to detention centers and women’s prison and was in a way reformed. Hear her story and the stories of the two boys she murdered, Martin Brown and Brian Howe, on episode 13 on the She Sleuths – A True Crime Podcast!

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Kristin's Case:

Kristin explores the case of Canada’s most notorious child killer: Peter Woodcock. He began murdering little kids when he was just 17 years old and he didn’t stop even after he was incarcerated. Hold onto your stretchy pants and prepare for a wild story in this week’s ep!

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