Episode 14: The Husband Did It

Episode 14: The Husband Did It

Amy's Case:

This week Amy talks about the marriage and the murder involving Rod Covlin, a deadbeat, and Shele Danishefsky, a millionaire. They got married within weeks of meeting each other and there was very little marital bliss happening in their home. Rod was a money hungry womanizer, and Shele was a hard working mother, but she could only put up with so much, so when she decided it was time to separate and file for divorce, Rod was having none of it. Her death was quickly ruled an accident, but a decade later he found himself in the courts trying to prove his innocence. Listen in this week, because it gets all kinds of weird.

Kristin's Case:

Kristin presents the case of Lowell “Ed” Amos. This guy is a serious piece of sh#t. He left a trail of dead bodies, including his own mother! Hold onto your depends because this story is gonna blow your mind.

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