Episode 17: Cold Cases You’ve Never Heard Of

Episode 17: Cold Cases You've Never Heard Of

In this ep, we’re back with two cases that will make you feel extra sleuthy…because they’re both unsolved! That’s right. Today we’re covering cold cases!

Kristin's Case:

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You ever hear of the Crewe murders in 1970? Us either until Kristin told us all about it. Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were married with a little girl named Rochelle. Their happy family life didn’t last long enough because the couple were murdered and the case is unsolved to this day. Of course we have a theory or two. Tune in to this ep to find out!

Kristin's References:

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Amy's Case:

This week Amy talks about the unsolved murder of Dorothy Jane Scott, a single mother with a loving family and supportive friends, but when a stalker starts following her every move, calling her with threats, and leaving dead flowers for gifts, Dorothy and her family become alarmed. Find out the details surrounding this cold case by listening to this episode!

Amy's References:

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