Episode 21: A Killer Cop & Greek Serial Killer

Episode 21:

Kristin's Case:

cara knott
Cara Knott

Kristin takes up back to 1980’s California where 20 year old college student Cara Knott goes missing while driving home from her boyfriend’s house. Her worried family begin searching for her right away. However, ultimately their worst fears are confirmed and Cara’s body is found near the Mercy Road exit off of interstate 15. Police quickly rule out Cara’s boyfriend who had a solid alibi. They quickly turn their attention to one of their own. Gets the full details by listening to this week’s ep! 

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Amy's Case:

This week Amy introduces the Athen’s Ripper to us, a man by the name of Antonis Daglis who preyed on prostitutes and brutalized them in the worst of ways. Find out how one survivor helped lead to his arrest and the crimes he confessed to on this week’s episode.

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