Episode 6: WTF Florida

Episode 6 - WTF Florida

In this episode, Kristin admits to being a fish murderer. Amy’s hubby is finally back in town! And the girls discuss the crazy shit that happens in the state of Florida.

Kristin's Case:

Kristin’s case brings her down to sunny Miami, Florida, which was the cocaine capital in the 70’s and 80’s, and there was no one more infamous for trafficking that white powdery substance than Griselda Blanco. Griselda was an entrepreneur, but also a cold blooded murderer, and it’s hypothesized she killed at least 40, if not over 200 (wtf!), people during her reign as the cocaine godmother. Unfortunately for Griselda, her life came to a bloody end in 2012. Get the details in our latest ep!

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Amy's Case:

Amy’s case talks about the Doogie Howser wannabe, Malachi ‘Doctor Love’ Robinson who from the age of 17 had been interested in the medical field and treating patients even without the proper licensing or education, but thanks to the internet and $29.99 later, he was able to fool and scam many people all up until he treated his last patient in 2017. Join us as we talk grand larceny, private practices, and the wonderful world of obstetrics and gynecology! 

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