Episode 7: True Crime On The Water

Episode 7 - True Crime on The Water

Prepare to get wet this week as Amy & Kristin cover true crime cases that happen on the ocean (or is it sea or is it both?? what’s the differences…someday we’ll google that).

Amy's Case

After the happily married Thomas and Jackie Hawks lived a life of vacation for three years, they got news that inspired big changes in their lives. They were grandparents. The Hawkses decided it was time to dock their beloved yacht, the Well Deserved, just one last time. Shortly after placing an ad in a boating magazine, they found interest from a 25 year old with a family of his own, who was anything, but honest. The couple agreed to take him to sea trial the boat, and once on board, things quickly became problematic and the well loved couple would never been seen again.

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Kristin's Case

Jose Salvadore Alvarenga was a fisherman off the coast of Mexico. On November 2012, he and Ezequiel Cordoba, also nicknamed “pinata”, left on Alvarenga’s small fishing boat. Estimated to be out only 30 hours, friends and fellow fisherman became concerned when they did not return. We cover the harrowing story of one man surviving. Which was it? Tune in to find out!

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