Episode 8: Let’s Get Creepy & Paranormal for Halloween!​

Episode 8: Let's Get Creepy & Paranormal for Halloween!

Amy's Case:

The Black Eyed Kids are the stuff of nightmares! Is it an urban legend? Are these encounters true and trustworthy? These kids appear when you are all alone, they need your help, and they really, really want to get into your space. Will you let them? Well, let’s find out. This week Amy dives in and talks about two stories concerning the BEK and encounters people have had with them… It’s super spooky supernatural time.

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Kristin's Case:

You ever wonder what would happen if that creepy doll you had as a child came to life..ya know, kinda like those “Chucky” movies?? Well, wonder no further as Kristin takes you down that very path and presents not one, but TWO haunted doll stories for your paranormal pleasure. 

Robert the haunted doll

First up is the creepy ass doll, “Robert”, who sprung to life in the early 1900’s and is still around today in a museum in Key West, Florida. However, don’t you dare take a pic without shorty’s permission or you’ll totally freakin’ regret it!

Her second case covers the supposed real life story behind the “Annabelle” movie, except this doll version is a raggedy Anne doll come to life. Turns out Annabelle wasn’t the sweet haunted doll she initially presented herself to be. Her owner, Donna, soon discovers with the help of the Warrens that this doll is indeed possessed by a demonic spirit! 

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