Episode 3: Uber Drives Gone Wrong

Episode 3: Uber Drives Gone Wrong

Amy’s Case:

Eliza Wasni and Victim Grant Nelson

In the early mornings of Memorial Day weekend 2017, Eliza Wasni requests her third Uber of that morning after taking off with a machete and knife stolen from her local Walmart moments before getting into the backseat of Uber driver and 34 year old, Grant Nelson’s car where she hacks at him from the backseat. We discuss the details of what happened on this fateful morning.

Kristin’s Case:

On the evening of February 20th, 2016, Jason Dalton drove his Uber around the Kalamazoo, MI area murdering a total of 6 people in between accepting fares. We discuss the events of that night, including Dalton’s defense that the Uber app was controlling his mind and body.

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